“Save money. Live better”, Poster, 2018

Thaba African Ale, Label Design, 2019

“Messier87” Poster design, 2019

D:E:E:P:, Digital painting, 2017

Homage to “L’Apocalypse des Animaux” album from 1973 by Vangelis, Poster, 2019

Newsletter artwork for ” Um sorriso è uma espada”, for Boatosfinearts – São Paulo, 2015

“Soul collection” Poster design, 2019

“Soul collection” CD cover design, 2019

Poster design, 2019

“Kalta-Visible Spectre” CD cover design, 2019

Sons of Fire – serie 2, ©Smoking, Poster, 2017

concept logo for Sony Music Century Media‘s capsule project, 2016

“Planet Of Dinosaur Vol.1”, Cover design, Dekard 1902 editions, 2019

20 Class A filtered, Concept design, 2014

nothing…just funny times

Hound Rec., logo, 2017

Horas Premiere, Label Design, 2018

Horas Premiere, Packaging Design, 2018

Concept design for ADV

“ACRIMONIA”, Poster design, 2019

“Monocromo-Logical Order”, LP Cover Design, ©Hound Rec., 2017

Poster design for S&D, supreme Munich fashion Fair, 2017

“Messier87”detail, Poster design, 2019

Poster design for “Monocromo-Logical Order”, ©Hound Rec., 2017

My Childhood’s flower, ADV for promotional tour, Poster, 2014

Jesus on a Tortilla – Tonight is the night, CD template, 2017

S&D, comunication image, 2015

©Gammacril – Euroshop fair 2017, Depliant Cover, 2017